About Us

Years ago when we(as a group of friends) wished to start canoeing, we faced tremendous  difficulties in choosing the right canoe for us and that process consumed a lot of time  out of our busy schedules.

After this experience and then gaining substantial know-how on the topic, we decided to give away the knowledge we gained to the audience out there who are just like us.

What We Provide:

This website is the product of that thinking of sharing knowledge. Here you can find  detailed buying guides on how to buy a canoe that is absolutely fit for your needs. 

This site covers different topics related to canoes and canoeing in general. We have hand-picked the best canoes for your ease out of the uncountable number available in the market. Moreover,  we provide answers to your questions  regarding canoeing so feel free to ask us!

Support us by sharing this material and providing us your valuable feedback!


Team Canoe Surfer