Best Canoes you Need to Buy for a Nice Family Outing – 2021 Reviews

Best Family Canoe

 Solo canoes are nice, but you know what’s better? Family canoe! 

 If we are to be fair, there are a plethora of solo canoes or 2-person canoes. But when it comes to top canoes for family, you’ll have a hard time finding one that will actually last a few years and most importantly, last at least during your expeditions.

 Finding the best family canoe won’t be a problem anymore! 

Now we have taken this opportunity to present you with a comprehensive list of all trustworthy family canoes we could find. Whenever looking for one, it’s imperative to look for a canoe family can hop on without the worry of it malfunctioning in the middle of a lake. Which is why we took the time and did the research needed to select the best canoe for family of 4-5 available.

 We have a Buying Guide for you too if you’re not sure what to look for in a large canoe.

Best Family Canoes 2021: 

Here is our list of the top canoes family with their ratings:

Family CanoesRatingsPrices
Intex Excursion 510/10 (Editor's Choice)
EPROSMIN 4 Person Inflatable Boat Canoe9/10
Intex Seahawk 4(9.5/10)
Old Modern Crafts Real Canoe(9.5/10)
Intex Mariner 4(9/10)
Old Town Guide 147(8.5/10)
Sun Dolphin Mackinaw(9/10)
Sun Dolphin Scout SS Canoe(8.5/10)
Sea Eagle SE9(8/10)
Sea Eagle Inflatable SE370(8.5/10)

Canoes for Families Reviews:

Here we present various canoe family in no particular order. All of the canoes featured are equally capable but have some drawbacks which will be subjective to every individual. It can also be used for family picnic purpose as it’s trending these days. Although we have also enlisted some Lightweight canoe in-case you want a light weighted canoe. So read the reviews carefully and check if it sounds like what you need.

1: Intex Excursion 5 Person Canoe:

6 person canoe

What we love:

  • 5 person canoe
  • Easily Inflatable
  • Portable

✅ Can be folded
❌ Mediocre Pump
✅ Comes with 54" oars

2: EPROSMIN 4 Person Inflatable Boat Canoe:


What we love:

  • Spacious and allows four-person to be on the boat
  • Inflatable, easier to carry
  • Higher stability

✅ The middle reinforced design is potent❌ The paddles that come with it are not very much appreciated
✅ It uses PVC material
✅ Outer and inner rings are inflatable

3: Intex Seahawk 4:

What we love:

  • Canoe for family of 4
  • A fairly large canoe
  • Easily Inflatable/Deflatable

✅ Budget-friendly
❌ Mediocre pump
✅ Lightweight
✅ Can withstand 1050 pounds

4: Old Modern Crafts Real Canoe:


What we love:

  • It makes an ideal gift for parents
  • Made of high-quality wood
  • Beautiful design

✅ The durable canoe that is made to last the longest❌ Considerably expensive
✅ The paddles are perfectly designed
✅ The shape allows higher stability

5: Intex Mariner 4:

8 person canoe

What we love:

  • Inflatable canoe 4 person’
  • Can withstand 800 pounds
  • Durable

✅ Extensive emphasis on durability
❌ The pump could've been better
✅ Inflatable keel and rub strake
✅ Can hold  3 people

6: Old Town Guide 147 Recreational Canoe:

What we love:

  • Can carry 3 to 4 people
  • 900 pounds capacity
  • Measures 14 feet

✅ Lightweight
❌ No footrests
✅ Removable Backseats
✅ Durable

7: Sun Dolphin Mackinaw:

small two person canoe

What we love:

  • Three person canoe
  • Durable
  • Comes with a two-year warranty

✅ Low profile and lightweight
❌ Paint scraps off after several uses
✅ 15.6 feet long
✅ Storage containers

8: Sun Dolphin Scout SS Canoe:

three person canoe

What we love:

  • Accurate Tracking
  • Stable
  • Six scattered rod holders

✅ Budget-friendly
❌ Mediocre pump
✅ Lightweight
✅ Can withstand 1050 pounds

9: Sea Eagle SE9 11-Foot Inflatable Canoe:

What we love:

  • Top Canoe for family of 5
  • Rugged and durable PVC
  • Lightweight

✅ Comes with oars
❌ 11 feet of length might fall a little small for 5 people
✅ Can have higher powered motors equipped
✅ Can withstand 1200 pounds

10: Sea Eagle Inflatable SE370:

Family Canoe

What we love:

  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable Seats

✅ Comes Comfortable Three Seats
❌ Really Long in length which might become difficult for sharp turns
✅ Can have higher powered motors equipped
✅ Can withstand 650 pounds

What to look for?

What to look for in a family canoe??

  • Durability:

This is a no-brainer really but frequently ignored by people when looking for a canoe. And since you’ll be out with your family, you must never take this one for granted. Whenever looking for a canoe, make sure the boat features a strong PVC which won’t leak or break and is long-lasting. Some companies mention the specific amount of technology used in the PVC which is usually a sign of premium quality. In this regard, going for traditional canoes will be safer than the inflatable ones.

Canoes like Old Town’s will be heavier but more reliable. But then again, companies like Sea Eagle win others to agree that inflatable can as much reliable. In the end, it’s up to you whatever floats your boat. Imperfect canoes are something you won’t find here, so have it easy!

  • Weight limit:

This is equally as important as durability. Different canoes come in different weights, Furthermore, they all also come with unique weight limits that you can have on the boat, which makes all the difference. If your family is composed of 3 people, getting a canoe of weight limit anything above 500 pounds would be sufficient, which is a common limit for a three person canoe.

However, if the number gets higher, you should be looking for 6 person canoes or longer canoes that can withstand above 800 pounds. A good example of this would be the Intex Seahawk 4, which can withstand 1050 pounds of weight.

You can also take your family in boundary water to enjoy in the wilderness

What is the minimum age for paddling?

Gladly there is not a concept of minimum age but a time when the kid feels responsible. However, if it’s a toddler you want to take on canoeing, you need to keep your eyes open.

Because kids get super excited when they see water around them, some might like to put their hands or arms into it.

Other than this little precaution, you can take your kids with you. I do not suggest you let your kids go alone at the very beginning of their canoeing adventures.

How to paddle with adults and kids?

Some like to just go to the canoeing world without any rules, good for them. But if it is your first time, there are some points that you need to note to have a funfilled and safe water experience.

For starters, the strongest person will paddle at the stern. Because here, the boat needs his strength to move forward.

The other person will sit at the bow. Both of the paddlers have significant roles. Therefore, both need to synchronize their paddle movements. I am suggesting you this because I do not want to see you get tired quickly.

However, when it comes to kids, they can paddle from the center as well. But the kids require a smaller paddle.

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