18 Best Inflatable Canoes That are Very Burst Proof [Reviews]


Top Best Inflatable Canoe

I hope you’ll agree with me when I say:

Fishing is inconvenient today without inflatable canoes… Or is it?

Well, there is only ONE problem finding that good canoe isn’t an easy job.

That is why I have enlisted some inflatable canoe 2021. After a lot of research and spending many hours on it, collecting the best canoes. I have shortlisted 8 inflatable canoes for you that you can purchase right now!

In case you are wondering what are inflatable canoes, go here. We have a Buying Guide for you too if you’re not sure what to look for in an inflatable canoe.

Best Inflatable Canoes 2021: 

Here is our list of the top inflatable canoes with their ratings:

Inflatable CanoesRatingsPrices
Intex Explorer K210/10 (Editor's Choice)
Airhead AHTK-2 Montana(9.5/10)
Sevylor Odgen 2-Person(9/10)
Sea Eagle 330(8.5/10)
Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person(9/10)
Intex Mariner 4(8.5/10)
Intex Excursion 4(8/10)
Intex Seahawk 2(9/10)
Advanced elements Lagoon(10/10)
Intex Tacoma K2(9/10)
Sevylor Quikpak(9/10)
Intex Challenger(10/10)
Advanced elements Convertable(10/10)

Best Inflatable Kayak, Boats, and Canoes

Other than that we can have also listed the Best Kayak/Boats that you are best when you look for the inflatable.

Lightweight CanoesRatingPrices
Inflatable Boat Canoe10/10 (Editor's Choice)
IUHI Inflatable Boat 3 Person Thickened Kayak Canoe9/10
Sevylor Inflatable Canoe10/10
EPROSMIN 4 Person Inflatable Boat Canoe8.5/20
SunOWLSH Camouflage 3-Person 8FT Inflatable Kayak8/10

Inflatable Canoe Reviews:

Following is a list of all inflatable canoes and kayaks that we find reasonable and reliable. If you are looking for the difference between kayaks and canoes then you’re must be new. We tried to feature all canoes that would suit the different preferences of the consumers. We also provide you with the pros and cons which will give an overall brief insight into the product. We also have a list of cheap canoes, do give it a read.

So take your time and browse the list of the best inflatable canoes out there!

1: Intex Explorer K2:

Intex Explorer K2 Inflatable Canoe

Why we love it:

  • Budget-friendly
  • Ideal for families and casual boaters.
  • Included skeg

✅ Lightweight design makes it just over 30lbs❌ Mediocre paddles/oars
✅ Included skeg for better❌ Weight almost too light for two people's seating
✅ Comfortable Seats

2: Airhead AHTK-2 Montana:

inflatable pool canoe

What we love:

  • 4 bottom fins for greater control
  • can withstand up to 500 lbs
  • Generous space for supplies
  • Heavy-duty durable design

✅ Can endure heavyweight❌ More towards the expensive side
✅ Strong PVC built❌ Low-pressure canoe
✅ Movable and removable chairs

3: Sevylor Ogden 2-Person:

best inflatable canoe uk

What we love:

  • Polyester outer covering for added protection
  • Generous space
  • Comfortable seats
  • Easy to inflate and deflate

✅ Polyester covering❌ Loses control in strong winds
✅ Adjustable comfortable seats❌ Mediocre bottom fins/kegs
✅ Big storage areas

4: Sea Eagle 330:

What we love:

  •  Lightweight
  • 500lbs weight endurance

✅ White water rated❌ No adequate storage compartments
✅ Ultra-lightweight

5: Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person:

What we love:

  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Comes with Berkley Quick Rod Holders

✅ Ergonomics allow hands-free fishing❌ Inflation lags oftentimes
✅ Rugged PVC construction❌ Questionable base construction

6: Intex Mariner 4:

best inflatable canoe walmart

What we love:

  • 4 seater
  • 800lbs weight endurance
  • Durable construction

✅ 4 person inflatable canoe❌ Some instances of leakage recorded by various consumers
✅ 800lbs weight endurance❌ Not the most comfortable seats

7: Intex Excursion 4:

What we love:

  • 4 seater
  • Durable construction
  • Comfortable seats

✅ Much better seats with backrest❌ Some instances of leakage recorded by various consumers
✅ Comfortable fishing experience❌ Not the strongest oars

8: Intex Seahawk 2:

soar inflatable canoe

What we love:

  • Ideal for a single passenger
  • Durable construction
  • Cheap as chips

✅ Best canoe for beginners❌ There is no seat
✅ Cheap as chips
✅ Two quick-fill Boston valves

9: Advanced Elements Lagoon:

What we love:

  • It has a unique design that makes crossing any body of water easier, the rigid structure of the kayak makes traversing through water a lot easier
  • The canoe be deployed within minutes hence reducing the time from storage to open waters
  • It is packed to the brim with amazing feature such as a mesh pocket, rubber handles, etc

✅ Can be used in any type of water

❌ This inflatable canoe does not come in a tandem variant
✅ The seats are really comfortable
✅ Simple to set up and use

10: Intex Tacoma K2

What we love:

  • The design emphasizes a lot on durability which is an essential factor when it comes to inflatable canoes and kayaks
  • It is a tandem canoe meaning that you can take your family with you
  • The inflatable canoe is strong enough to even take your pets with you

✅ It has a great price tag

❌ Although the seats are comfortable padded seats would’ve been preferred
✅ Strong and spacious interior
✅ Super durable design

11: Sevylor Quikpak K5 1-Person

What we love:

  • Versatile and innovative design, it’s always great to see something new and exciting
  • The rows are also adjustable making packing and carrying the inflatable canoe super easy
  • Perfect for taking on long trips that involve a mix of hiking and kayaking

✅ Quick and easy setup❌ Does not come in a tandem variation 
✅ Amazing build quality 
✅ Packing and transporting it is a painless process

12: Intex Challenger Series

What we love:

  • A great staging point for people looking to get an inflatable canoe
  • Strong and durable build which doesn’t tear easily when being dragged on rough surfaces
  • It has a spacious interior to accommodate people of all sizes

✅ Great build quality❌ Does not offer anything new but still does the basics right
✅ Great price for the features it offers
✅ Durable design

13: Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Convertible

What we love:

  • It’s innovative, a really creative design that lets you choose the style of the inflatable canoe
  • Can be easily switched from one form to another with relative ease
  • Has a strong build quality which also emphasizes on comfortability

✅ Convertible design❌ A little bit on the expensive side
✅ Can be used in both tandem and solo configurations
✅ Made for top-notch materials

14: IUHI Inflatable Boat 3 Person Thickened Kayak Canoe


What we love:

  • Spacious for three people
  • PVC material makes it durable
  • Reasonably priced

✅ It is leakage resistant
❌ Not suitable for kids
✅ The rope is easy to reach and grab
✅ The three air tubes are quite impressive

15: Sevylor Inflatable Canoe


What we love:

  • High quality and durability
  • Perfectly secured
  • Exceptionally wide

✅ Secures you and the luggage properly
❌ Costly canoe
✅ The side walls are moderately raised
✅ Seats are exceptionally comfortable

16: EPROSMIN 4 Person Inflatable Boat Canoe


What we love:

  • Perfect for four people
  • Worldwide recognition
  • Three layers PVC material

✅ Strong and quality material
❌ There is one complaint that it didn't pin on one clothing
✅ Spacious canoe size
✅ Wear-resistant helps in pressure management

17: Inflatable Boat Canoe


What we love:

  • Comfortable to sit-in
  • The colors are easily visible from far
  • Easier to store

✅ Moderate weight makes it easy to carry and store
❌ 400 pounds maximum capacity
✅ The canoe is perfectly strong and doesn't flip easy
✅ It uses only environmentally friendly material

18: SunOWLSH Camouflage 3-Person 8FT Inflatable Kayak

boat kayak

What we love:

  • Unique camouflage print
  • Wear-resistant
  • It goes a long way as it is corrosion resistant

✅ It is made of three independent air tubes
❌ All do not like the print
✅ Exceptional weight capacity of 700lbs
✅ Three layers of PVC secures the boat


Selecting the right inflatable canoe depends on the preferences you may have. As discussed earlier, the main components of the boat you should be looking are the performance, weight and the portability. You should never compromise on the quality of your boat, especially when it comes to the construction part. All canoes that have been featured here provide the top notch durability and performance.

If you’re bringing just one more person along with, we recommend getting either the Intex Explorer or the Airhead Montana, both exceptional 2 person inflatable canoe. Both of the canoes deliver high-quality construction guaranteed to keep you afloat for hours.

For generous storage options, the Sevylor inflatable canoe Odgen should be your choice since the space provided for supplies is way more than you need! Lastly, when it comes to inflatable canoe 3 person and families, the Intex Mariner and Excursion are the easy bet.

We’d still recommend you to assess your needs before thinking of buying a canoe. Check all requirements you’ll need from the boat to make sure your vacations and trips end up just the way you would want them to be, safe and enjoyable.

We have more articles and useful resources on Canoes at Canoesurfer.net

What are Inflatable Canoes?

The most talked-about canoes this time around are the inflatable canoes. Like other canoes, these are generally pointy on the sides with small storage spaces which are ideal for travelers to put their belongings in.

Inflatable canoes are, as the name implies, collapsable canoe which can be folded up and packed when traveling. When wanted to be used, these can be easily assembled in a few simple steps. This makes them highly advantageous for travelers who can’t stand bringing huge boats as they move from one place to the other.

Why buy Inflatable Canoes / Kayaks?

Pretty fair question. Well, we have enough explanation on our hands to convince you might want one.

Probably the biggest reason why you must be buying a collapsible rubber canoe rather than the traditional one is the ease of transportation it provides. Some canoes aren’t inflatable which makes it very hard for people to have them around when they’re traveling.

But now you can have a canoe which can collapse into a manageable briefcase which you can carry around without any hassle. You won’t have to carry one around on top of your car which is fairly inconvenient and might even get you a ticket on the road.

What to look for ?

How to buy an inflatable canoe:

There are a few things to keep in mind before buying your first inflatable or blow up canoe. Here, we will provide all the basic information you need to know so that you browse the oncoming list of canoes of ours, prepared.


Getting your cheap inflatable canoe to a malfunction or having the base of the canoe blow up won’t be that great of a memory of a holiday. So having the performance of the canoe must be the top priority of yours when you’re out buying for one.

The biggest component that makes or breaks the canoe is the choice of materials the manufacturers use to form the boat. Most of the canoes that bring a slightly expensive price tag feature a durable and tough rubber that lasts longer and harder to penetrate through. On the flip side, more budget and cheaper options opt for slightly less durable and quality materials to keep the price tag lower.

Now, this doesn’t make the cheaper ones very prone to leakage but the chances get higher if you cruise on tricky environments. So having this box checked before anything should be the first thing to do when buying an inflatable canoe.

  • High Pressure vs Low Pressure:

The other deciding factor to your selection should be the pressure levels that a boat can handle when inflated. This again goes back to the quality of the materials chosen. The higher the quality of stitching and binding, the more the canoe will able to endure high pressures. This will make paddling for you to become an awful lot easier. Other canoes, which are mostly the cheaper ones, use mediocre stitching and bindings which allow only low pressure which creates a shabby paddling experience.


Unless you have a 4×4, you will be surely bothered by the idea of having a huge rubber boat on top of your car. There are numerous 2 person inflatable canoes that fold up into a bag, which makes carrying them a whole lot easier. So having portability is another thing you should be looking for.


Even though most of the inflatable canoes you’ll find here won’t be heavy, it is important to note that even some portable canoes can be heavy sometimes. This is due to various material selection for a canoe which can increase the weight of the boat significantly. More weight means less convenience and less convenience means more trouble for your holiday. So as you’re looking up the product, make sure to always bat an eye on the weight of the boat.

8 Best Inflatable Canoes That are Very Burst Proof [Reviews]
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