7 Best Lake and River Canoes That You’ll Surely Love!【Reviewed 2021】

Canoeing can be an amazing hobby, escaping from the busy life of the urban areas to the open water can be the breath of fresh air that we all need from time to time. So whether you are just trying it out or it is a regular hobby of ours, one thing is for sure, you are going to need a canoe. 

Best Lake and River Canoes:

 The exact canoe you are going to need depends on your need. Purchasing one can be a difficult task because they all come in a unique design and build materials, so today we have narrowed down the top best canoes for lakes and rivers.

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Canoe CarriersRating
Old Town Discovery 158 10/10 (Editors choice)
Sun Dolphin Scout SS Canoe10/10
MYCANOE  Plus Origami Folding Canoe8/10
Sun Dolphin Mackinaw10/10
Handcrafted Wooden Canoe9/10
Grumman 12' 9" Solo Canoe8/10
Sevylor Ogden9/10

1. Old Town Discovery 158 Recreational Canoebest old town canoe

What we love:

  • Comfortable and durable nylon webbed seats
  • Agile and sleek design for smooth sailing in any type of water
  • The strong build makes it perfect for any water condition


✅ Lifetime warranty on the hull
❌ Can be a little difficult to carry
✅ Triple polyester design makes it super rugged
✅ Can support up to two people and 1,150 pounds

2. Sun Dolphin Scout SS Canoeriver canoe and lake canoe

What we love:

  • You can take up to three people with you on your river canoe
  • Strong and durable build
  • It is a perfect fit for anglers since it has six-rod holders


✅ Great design and build quality
❌ No place to place your battery or cooler
✅ Perfect for all sorts of waters
✅ Can be fitted with a electric trolling motor

3. MYCANOE  Plus Origami Folding Canoebest river canoes

What we love:

  • It can be folded and can easily be transported
  • The capacity to withstand up to 20,000 folds which are enough for a lifetime
  • It comes with a rowing system and also a pair of rows
✅ Its foldable, so that means it's easily transportable
❌ Even though setting it up is super easy it can take up to 10 minutes before you get into the water
✅ It has a really durable build
✅ The carrying capacity is more than enough for a single person

4. Sun Dolphin Mackinawriver canoe

What we love:

  • It comes with a spacious storage compartment
  • The canoe is overall very Agile and easy to maneuver
  • It has drink holders for every seat, which is a great inclusion


✅ Three people per trip capacity

❌Harder to transport
✅ Comes with a two year limited warranty
✅ A storage compartment

5. Handcrafted Wooden Canoelake canoe

What we love:

  • The 65 pounds weight makes it really easy to carry around
  • It has a super-strong build that is durable enough to last generations
  • it’s completely handmade, which adds to the artistry of the canoe


✅ It has been made to last

❌ A longer warranty period would be preferred
✅ Excellent design and craftsmanship
✅ It is strong and durable, yet at the same time it's super light

6. Grumman 12′ 9″ Solo Canoebest canoes for lakes

What we love:

  • Handcrafted aluminum alloy build
  • Strong and stable on any type of water
  • Super lightweight and easy to use


✅ Weighs only 48 pounds

❌ A little bit on the pricey side but definitely worth it
✅ You can easily take your pets with you on this
✅ Has a durable body

7. Sevylor Ogden:best canoe for rivers

What we love:

  • It’s inflatable and hence is easy to carry and take with you
  • The multiple air chambers ensure durability in even rough waters
  • It comes with two paddles so you don’t have to purchase them separately


✅ Comfortable seats and room for two
❌ Setting it up can take about 5 to 10 minutes, before it is ready for use
✅ Added safety and protection
✅ Easy to carry due to it's lightweight

Editor’s choice:

Each and every one of these canoes is state of the art and amazing in its own ways. Some have superior comfortability while some other canoes offer unparalleled durability.

However, the editor’s choice can go to only one canoe and that is the Grumman 12′ 9″ Solo Canoe. This canoe is the most durable and stable canoes out there. It has amazing strength and is a perfect fit for all waters calm or rapid.


Q1) What is the best material for a canoe?

Well, traditionally wood was used, and still is being used these days but it just isn’t as popular. Now a material known as Royalex is being used.

Q2) Do canoes tip over easily?

No, they do not, it depends a lot on the make and model of the canoe but they generally don’t. However, if you overload your canoe or rush into rapid water than the chances of such an event occurring surely increases.

Q3) Where should the heaviest person sit in a canoe?

The heaviest person should definitely sit in the middle to keep the weight distributed equally.

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