Spot The Best Trolling Motor Batteries – Updated 2021

The best battery is essential to enjoy an extraordinary experience that is both safe and adventurous.
 Wondering about the best trolling motor battery? Because you know how essential it is to have the best boat battery and we care about your needs. 

If you are a fisherman or just a kayak that enjoys a sunny or windy day in lakes, you must know that the boat needs a trolling motor battery. No worries, Canoe Surfer has got you covered

Best Trolling Motor Batteries

Here is the list

Trolling Motor BatteriesRating
VMAX(10/10) Editor's choice
Optima Batteries(9/10)
Solar Wind Deep Cycle Battery(9.5/10)
Renogy AGM battery(8.5/10)
Battery for Light Trolling(8/10)
Odyssey Trolling Thunder Marine(9.5/10)
12V Deep Cycle Battery(9.5/10)
Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Pack(9/10)
Banshee Marine Battery(8/10)
ExpertPower 12V(7.5/10)

1.VMAX VMAX MR127 Trolling motors

What we love about it

  • Maintenance free battery
  • Physical and chemical structure of its plates
  • Highly reliable because of unique manufacturing
✅ Tremendous recovery through repeated discharges❌ It can melt because of over use
✅ Quality is unmatchable❌ Not compatible with smaller boats
✅ Made with AGM technology
✅ Exceptional life span

2.Optima BatteriesOptima Batteries Trolling motors

What we love about it

  • Made of 99.9% Lead
  • Mountable in any position
  • It has both automotive SAE posts and threaded studs
✅ Bad weather does not harm its starting power❌ Voltage can be issue sometime
✅ 15x resistant to vibration
✅ Three times more recharges than other batteries

3.Solar Wind Deep Cycle Batterymarine deep cycle

What we love about it

  • Significant power
  • Maintenance free
  • Spill free
✅ Considerable coverage of distance with single charge❌ If not taken care properly it could lose its capacity
✅ Convenient to use

4.Renogy AGM Batteryagm battery

What we love about it

  • High performance battery
  • Spill free
  • Easy to use
✅ Easy to use❌ Battery's capacity gets harm if overcharged
✅ Interconnects cables
✅ Corrosion resistant
✅ High Performance

5.Battery for Light rollingBattery for Light Trolling motors


What we love about it

  • Spill proof battery
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Highly durable’
✅ High performance battery❌ Small size makes it difficult to fit in power center
✅ Not affected by weather
✅ High quality
✅ Extraordinary safety

6.Odyssey Trolling Thunder MarineOdyssey Trolling Thunder Marine Trolling motors

What we love about it

  • Maintenance-free battery
  • Totally dry AGM design
  • Vibration resistance
✅ Longer shelf life❌ Discharging lower than 20% of its capacity can harm its operating life
✅ 3 to 10 years service life
✅ Highly temperature tolerant

7.12V Deep Cycle Battery12V 75AH Deep Cycle Battery Trolling motors

What we love about it

  • Long service life
  • 12 Volts and 75H Amperage
  • Can be carried easily
✅ Exceptional performance❌ Lifetime depends on how you take care of it
✅ Guaranteed quality
✅ AGM technology

8.Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Packdeep discharge

What we love about it

  • Lightweight
  • Low self-discharge
  • Matches exact voltage
✅ 3x sealed construction❌ Rubber terminals becomes less usable after installation of bolts
✅ Suitable for all water crafts
✅ BMS protection

9.Banshee Marine Batterytrolling deep cycle

What we love about it

  • Dual terminal
  • Higher efficiency
  • Hydrometer
✅ More plate surface❌ MCA will read below after overuse of battery
✅ Withstand rigorous and slow charges
✅ 80% depth of charge

10.ExpertPower 12VExpertPower EXP12180 12V 18AH Trolling motors

What we love about it

  • Durable construction
  • Maintenance-free battery
  • Easier operation
✅ Light weight❌ Battery does not has very long life
✅ Comes in pack of 2❌ Not for bigger Kayaks
✅ No acid spill
✅ Easily mounted in different positions

Here is a detailed video for you to learn how to install and recharge your batteries.

A little dig into different battery types

The best boat battery is available in a wide range of unique characteristics and features. Trolling motor batteries require many specifications but the one and the most important of all is to be able to discharge electricity over a longer period.

One to know right away is that neither all batteries are the same nor they can be used for the same purposes. Each type comes with its expertise to be utilized for that particular purpose. If you want your boat to stay blooming for a long time you need to put some time in deciding the nature of the battery it requires.

As a beginner’s guide below is the list of different types of battery and down the lane, you will also learn about what to look in a battery before purchase

  • Wet Cell Batteries

The essential ingredient of this battery is liquid acid. The purpose of it is to make sure all the cells are submerged properly. Manufactures are seen to tilt towards the manufacturing of wet batteries because they are quite easy to build rather than other batteries. With the ease for the manufacturer, it is equally easy for the users to install and use. The operating life of these batteries is two to three years.

You need to consider the fact that these types of batteries require regular maintenance. If you have a kayak then this is not for you. Since there is a chance of rough waves with kayaking it will be hazardous for you to use. Do not buy this if you are going for kayaking or are not ready to check maintenance now and then.

  • Absorbed Glass Mat

You may have heard of them as Sealed Lead Batteries which use electrolyte absorbed mats. The best part of this battery is that the Hydrogen and Oxygen present in the electrolyte creates water for itself. This means you do not have to worry about it as it is a maintenance-free battery. 

No doubt it is a little expensive than wet cell batteries but the reasons are worth it to make a purchase. It provides a longer lifespan than wet batteries. With the increasing competition, there is a chance of lower prices shortly.

Do not buy these if your boat can not carry its weight alongside other items. The other reason is they are much massive than their counterparts.

  • Gel Batteries

These are super resistant to vibrations because of the gel-like fluid installed in them. The fluid not only powers the battery but also protects in some ways. These batteries yet have to make their mark in the market.

Do not buy these batteries if you cannot invest time in investigating the right volts it needs to get charge. Or you are a little careless about maintaining a collection of different chargers.

 AGM is the current ruler of the market. 

What to look for in a battery?

Now that you have decided which type you are going to purchase its time to know what exactly to look for in each kind.

  • Size

It is an essential thing to consider after the type of battery. The size should fit the space you have in kayak or boat. Most of the batteries come with 12V, which does not take much space in your watercraft.

  • Weight

It depends on your boat and kayak. Keep in mind while purchasing because a battery with higher weight can slow you down and your kayak. It is advisable to read the product description and go for a battery that weighs below 30lbs for a small kayak. Otherwise, 40lbs to 50lbs won’t be a concern either.

  • Amp-Hour reading

This helps you to estimate how much the battery will last on a one-time charge. For smaller boats 20 aH is fine and for longer rides, 50 aH is good to go. You can find batteries suitable for your plans.

  • Cycle Life

It is another important aspect to consider but it not directly listed by most of the companies. We suggest you read deep cycle marine battery reviews.

  • Lifespan

While looking for a battery check for the life span as well. The best deep cycle marine battery comes with a lifespan of 3 to 5 years.

To have the best marine battery you should also consider the durability, vibration resistance, brand, and ease of use. 

It is advisable to wear gloves and eye protection when you work on your battery.

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