Where Can You Rent a Canoe or Kayak in Canada?

Canoe Rental in Canada

Canoeing has become a very popular recreation and a large number of people like going to canoe in their vacations. There are options available for one-day tour as well where you can go for your weekend.

You might be thinking “What can I rent a canoe near me”? We have made renting a canoe much easier for you. Below is the list of best canoe rental services out there in Canada that allow you to rent a canoe for recreation and learning. They offer the services of private instructors who tell you stories of the places and guide you through the whole tour while you can also learn some basic canoeing skills along the way.

Canoe Rentals in Toronto

Canoe Toronto

Location: Toronto, Canada
Phone: +1 416-993-4224

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canoe & kayak rental services

Canoe Toronto offers tours to Toronto Islands and Toronto Harbour in canoes for families, groups and individuals. It is a great activity for kids and adults. The schools can arrange camps that will provide a unique experience of canoeing to the kids. Paddling also helps make the planet green and provides physical exercise.

They have canoes in different sizes and go up to canoes for 20 persons.

The available touring options include Harbour Tour of 30 minutes to the Toronto Islands Tour of 3 hours. The tour visits the Bird Sanctuary and many other islands, and stop at the Centre Island and spend some time there.

The feature becoming popular these days is that they provide you a canoe with an instructor to roam around the different islands and learn some canoeing techniques while enjoying and come back whenever you want.

Harbourfront Canoe & Kayak Centre

Location: Toronto, Canada
Phone: +1 416-203-2277
Email: [email protected]

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This center for canoe & kayak rental services is located on the edge of Lake Ontario near many famous restaurants. It is a 30 years old center that keeps open daily starting from Victoria Day Weekend through the End of September.

They offer tours for groups at sunset or weekends and there is no experience required. They also offer instructions for beginners and Tandem Kayak / Canoe tours along with team building activities.

This center is a source of both, recreation and skill-building at a time.


(incl. all equipment & taxes)

Canoe (2 & 3-person)
Up to 2 Hours $60
Up to 3 Hours $80
4+ Hours $95

Canoe Rentals in Ontario

Happy Paddling

Location: Barrie, Canada
Phone: +1 705-881-5533
Email: [email protected]

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where to rent a kayak

They are located near a children’s playground. It’s a local canoe rental where they have all the equipment for your enjoyment and offer a great customer service according to the reviews. You may take pictures and learn how to canoe from the instructors.

The website is simple and detailed where you can check all the related information on what to take with you and when to reach there. You may also book your trip online.

They have the following offers in the canoe section:


(incl. all equipment & taxes)

Solo – sit on top 2-person – sit on top
Up to 1 Hour $25 $40
Up to 2 Hours $40 $65

Madawaska Kanu Centre

Location: Barry’s Bay, Canada
Phone: +1 888-652-5268
Email: [email protected]

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This canoeing rental in Algonquin Park is a very family-friendly one and offers a 2 hour family trip if you are in the mood for a shorter trip. The kids must be 2 years old and above.

Moreover, they offer stand-up rafting and whitewater kayaking as well. So you can fully enjoy the beautiful sceneries of the Algonquin Park area with Madawaska Kanu Center.

It is advised to book online on their website prior to your visit because the tickets usually get sold very fast.

Canoe Rentals in Alberta

Wild Current Outfitters

Location: Jasper, Canada
Phone: +1 780-931-3662
Email: [email protected]

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This canoe kayak rental service targets the Jasper National Park that is ideal for families, couples and small groups. There are a lot of wildlife viewing opportunities where you can watch the bear, moose, elk, deer, loon and kingfishers hidden in the trees.

The guides are knowledgeable and make your Jasper Canoe trip enjoyable. Visitors say it is a must have trip so take time out of your routine and enjoy the wonders of nature by checking out where to rent a canoe.

Kananaskis Outfitters

Location: Kananaskis Country, Canada
Phone: +1 403-591-7000
Email: [email protected]

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This is an all-year-round cannoe rental service that provides services such as voyageur canoe trips for families and large groups as well.

The beauty of Kananaskis can be observed and appreciated well through the activities provided by this service. Alongside the canoe hire, they have other activities like mountain bikes and hiking to a frozen waterfall etc.

Canoe Rentals in Ottawa

Tours Expedition Ottawa

Location: Ottawa, Canada
Phone: +1 613-762-6201
Email: [email protected]

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They are the best to explore Gatineau Park and Meech Lake in the form of a private guided tour of 4 to 6 hours. The instructors are bilingual and knowledgeable. They offer services like canoe ride, trekking, cycling on bike trails and skiing in different parts of the country.

The customers seem very satisfied and report the friendliness and expertise of the staff there. They can plan your whole visit according to your needs, the weather conditions and the gear available at that time.


Location: Ottawa, Canada
Phone: +1 613-841-0778
Email: [email protected]

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This is a relatively smaller cheap canoe rental service at Ottawa river. They have the required gear available and you enjoy the beauty of the river at its full extent because the place is not very crowded. The water is calm and they have a store that sells marine related stuff as well.

Overall, it’s a good place for a trip to Ottawa River with your family/friends.

Canoe Rentals in British Columbia

Vancouver Water Adventures

Location: Vancouver, Canada
Phone: +1 604-736-5155
Email: [email protected]

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They offer Stand Up Paddle Board and Kayak tours and rent a canoe at Granville Island with some water toy fun. They have a variety of offers for individuals and groups of people of all ages.

Those who want to explore the False Creek and English Bay should opt for water bike or paddle boat there. They have tours to take you from Bowen Island to The North end of Indian Arm to see Granite Falls. They have SUP yoga as well.

Canadian Wilderness Adventures

Location: Whistler, Canada
Phone: +1 604-938-1616
Email: [email protected]

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Among other places to rent canoes, this service is being operated in Whistler since 1993 and their offers, besides other Winder adventures, include Canoe tours. Their guides are experts with passion.

You can explore the mountain scenery and wildlife, watch spectacular views while you ride among them and of course, take PHOTOS.

Canoe Rentals in Manitoba

Splash Dash

Location: Winnipeg, Canada
Phone: +1 204-783-6633
Email: [email protected]

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boating trip for couples

They are a good service for Winnipeg city. This rental service offers tours of half an hour fully guided by instructors who also inform you about the history of sites. The sites include the Assiniboine and Red River. They are situated at the Forks Historic Site and Market down at the Forks Historic Port.

The sites are interesting points for all age groups and the boat captains provide a very informative narrative on the local history.

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