Best Canoe Rentals in USA – Details for Missouri, Hawaii, Ohio, Arkansas, Texas & Indiana

Over the years, the sports of canoeing has become very famous. Millions of people from around the world surf every year in, either self-owned or rented canoe. But not everyone has a lake, river or an ocean near their city so everyone can’t possibly own a Canoe. Most of the people just rent it out.

Because of this, we decided to compile a list of all canoe rentals you can find in the United States. Just select your desired state from the table below and get the top canoe renting services in our area.

Canoe Rentals in USA:

Here are the Canoe rentals in various states of USA:

Canoe Rental in Missouri:

There are many places for canoeing in Missouri or for kayaking vacations, here’s a list of some of the best ones:

1. Mostate parks:

canoing in Mostate parks
These Parks are located in may places around the entire Missouri state.

These parks are actually pretty good for Canoeing and if you wanna rent some canoe and take it out for a ride.

Here’s how to contact the people in charge:

Contact Number: 800-334-6946

Email: [email protected]

Price / Rates: $5 per hour (two-hour mininum) & $25 per day (8 a.m. – sunset)

These Parks are also located in the following cities:


  • Battle of Island Mound SHS
  • Battle of Lexington SHS
  • Thomas Hart Benton Home and Studio SHS
  • Big Lake SP
  • Confederate Memorial SHS
  • Knob Noster SP
  • Lewis and Clark SP
  • Katy Trail SP – Rock Island Spur
  • Wallace SP
  • Watkins Woolen Mill SP and SHS
  • Weston Bend SP


  • Battle of Athens SHS
  • Crowder SP
  • Cuivre River SP
  • Graham Cave SP
  • Iliniwek Village SHS
  • Locust Creek Covered Bridge SHS
  • Long Branch SP
  • Gen. John J. Pershing Boyhood Home SHS
  • Pershing SP
  • Thousand Hills SP
  • Mark Twain Birthplace SHS
  • Mark Twain SP
  • Union Covered Bridge SHS
  • Wakonda SP


  • Battle of Carthage SHS
  • Bennett Spring SP
  • Big Sugar Creek SP
  • Bryant Creek SP
  • Nathan Boone Homestead SHS
  • Ha Ha Tonka SP
  • Lake of the Ozarks SP
  • Osage Village SHS
  • Ozark Mountain SP
  • Pomme de Terre SP
  • Prairie SP (Best for kayaking vacations)
  • Roaring River SP
  • Stockton SP
  • Table Rock SP
  • Harry S Truman Birthplace SHS
  • Harry S Truman SP

You can also visit their website for more information:

2. Current River Canoe Rental:

Current River Canoe

The Current river is an easy river to complete with a canoe. Many of the canoeing fans go there to practice their skills.
It’s located at at the southeastern parts of the Ozarks of Missouri. It’s a big stream that flows tough the hills and forests, creating the perfect environment for canoeing. 

All you need to do there is to get there and grab your canoe and jump straight in the water to enjoy the waves. Your surfing time has no begun!

Here are the details for Current river rentals :

Contact Number: 1-800-435-5050 

Email: [email protected]

Price / Rates:  Depends on the season.

Top Recommended trips:

  Akers Ferry to Pulltite 11 Miles    4-6 Hours
  Pulltite to Round Spring 11 Miles    4-6 Hours

Canoe Rental in Hawaii:

Canoe Rental in Hawaii islands

Hawaiian islands are some of the most beautiful places in the world. Some of the people might even call these places the “heavenly Islands” but I wouldn’t get much into that.
Because what I care for is in the waters! It’s the canoeing and kayaking culture in the Hawaiian islands. We know that everyone comes in vacations os its the hottest season!

Based on our personal experience, these are the best places we’d recommend for setting up your place if you’re looking to rent a canoe:

1. Double kayak rentals:

doahu double kayak rental

This is probably the best canoeing and kayaking group in the whole area of the Hawaiian islands. These people are so nice and their canoes are the best!

Here are their details if you want to reach them:

Here are the details for Current river rentals :

Contact Number: 808-585-1474

Email: [email protected]

Price / Rates: Daily $54,  Weekly $147

2. Kailua Beach Adventures:

Lanikai Beach Kayak Rental

These are some of the oldest ones offer services in the Hawaiian islands. Their Canoes and kayaks are some of the best there are and you can even easily book things with them online.

Here are their details if you want to reach them:

Here are the details for Kailua Beach Adventures :

Contact Number: 808-262-2555

Email: [email protected]

Price / Rates: Depends on the season


Canoe Rental in Ohio (Canoeing vacation) :

canoe rentals in Ohio


Canoeing in Ohio is one of the oldest sports there is. It’s an activity that everyone should do and something that can help one find a lot of joy and peace in. The idea is simple. To just jump in the water with a canoe and move with the flow of the water.

Here are the rental services that can help you get a kayak and a canoe:

1. Rivers edge outfitters (Perfect for Kayaking and canoeing trips):

canoeing in ohio


Famous for its high-quality canoes, this rental service can get you in the water and help you have a great time.

They Guarantee a good experience with amazing activities and we were more than happy to recommend them.

Here are the details for Rivers edge outfitters:

Contact Number: 937-903-6468

Price / Rates: Depends on the season


2. Hocking Hills Canoe Livery:

canoing rental in ohio

Hocking Hills Canoe Livery is one of the best canoeing services in Ohio. One of the major upsides is its location. It’s located at Historic Rempel’s Grove beside the Olde Dutch Restaurant. It has some of the most peaceful locations and one great forest and lakes. These are good for family kayaking trips.

Here are the details for Hocking Hills Canoe Livery:

Contact Number: (800) 634-6820 | (740) 385-0523

Email: [email protected]

Price / Rates: Depends on the season


Canoe Rental in Arkansas:

Canoe Rental in Arkansas

Arkansas is one of the most amazing places to go canoeing. It’s so amazing because of the breathtaking mountains just near it. Ever tried canoeing through the caves? Well..let me tell you, it’s one heck of an adventure!

Here are the top canoe rental services in Arkansas:



Every time people go to with CADDO RIVER CAMPING & CANOE, I get to hear some very nice words from them about their adventures. It’s truly one of the best canoeing experiences you can get in the United States.

Here are the details for CADDO RIVER CAMPING & CANOE:

Contact Number: (870) 356-5336


Thursday  9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Friday-Saturday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Sunday 9:00 AM -5:00 PM

Closed on Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday

Price / Rates: Depends on the season


Canoe Rental in Austin, Texas:

canoe rental in texas

Canoeing in texas is not just a sport but a culture. It’s one of the many things that make you a true Austin man/woman. Austin has been the hub of many things and one the best ones are in the water.

The water sports culture in the metropolitan park is so good that it makes people want to dive in as they see them.

Here is the best canoe rental service in Texas:

Rowing dock:

Canoeing Rentals Rowing Dock

One of the oldest and among the best services for canoeing. We highly recommend going with these people especially during the canoeing vacation.

Here are the details for Rowing dock:

Contact Number: 512-459-0999

Price / Rates: HOURLY $20/HR

Email: [email protected]


Canoe Rental in Indiana (Amazing for Kayaking activities):

Canoe Rental in Indiana

Without a doubt, Indiana is one of the most famous States in the USA where people either look for buying a canoe or Renting one. There are many lakes and parks where people go for canoeing but there’s always a big problem of finding the best canoe renting service.

So here is the best canoe rental service in Indiana and destinations in US:

Website: Canoe Country

Serving White River (West Fork)

(765) 378-7358
(888) 378-7358 
They serve the section between Muncie and Anderson.

Website: Cave Country Canoes

Serving Blue River

Milltown, IN
(812) 365-2705
(888) 702-2837 
The Blue River. 

Website: Clements Canoes Outdoor Center

Serving Sugar Creek

Waveland, IN
Many of canoe trips are going here
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