The only guide on “How to fillet a Bass” you’ll ever need!

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Do you know that bass is of two categories largemouth and smallmouth bass? Today in this article Canoe Surfer will help you to fillet your bass with the requisite knowledge of both of its types and the techniques of how to fillet a bass.  Although we have also enlisted some Lightweight canoe in-case you want a light … Read more

The ultimate guide on “How to string a Fishing Pole”

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Fishing poles have been evolved over the years. Fishing was easier before, then it is today. Different ways have been discovered on “how to string a fishing pole“. Fishing is always a great option for a picnic or a day out with family or friends. In this article, Canoe surfer will give you the required … Read more

How to Canoe and Kayak

The Canoe is different from Kayak because of the paddle it uses. It is a single-bladed paddle which the paddler propels, usually by kneeling, to take the boat forward. Whereas in Kayak the paddler gets the advantage of seats and uses a double-bladed paddle on the alternate sides to move the boat forward. At Canoe … Read more

Here Are The Best Fishing Spots Near You

Fishing Spots Near Me

But later, you realize there’s not a lot of options nearby to bring your boat to. To tackle this and to help you kick-start your canoeing; we have made a little guide that will take you to step by step into learning where you can safely boat. But worry not. You can always plan another … Read more

Comprehensive Best Guide On How To Get A Fishing License At Walmart

How to get a fishing license at walmart?

Canoeing brings the best opportunity to fish with an experience that is therapeutic. But for that to happen, it is important that you get yourself a legitimate fishing license. Here’s where the real question comes in:   There are various places around that you can visit for getting the permit. But that differs from state … Read more

Best Canoe Rentals in USA – Details for Missouri, Hawaii, Ohio, Arkansas, Texas & Indiana

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Over the years, the sports of canoeing has become very famous. Millions of people from around the world surf every year in, either self-owned or rented canoe. But not everyone has a lake, river or an ocean near their city so everyone can’t possibly own a Canoe. Most of the people just rent it out. … Read more