Top 10 best kayak life vest on the market Right Now!

 So why should you get a PFD? well, kayaking can be a lot of fun but can be a dangerous sport if you don’t have the right equipment with you and by the right equipment, we mean PFDs (personal floatation devices) or kayak life vest. 

It’s an essential thing to own if you have a kayak and love to spend your free time in the water. Some people ask if you can swim with a life jacket on. We’ve answered the question below. 

So what do you do, if you want to enjoy fishing with kayaking then get yourself the Best Fishing Kayak. 

Best kayak life vest:

Kayak life vestRating
Astral Ringo9.8/10
MTI Adventurewear9.4/10
Stohlquist Fisherman9/10
NRS vapor9.2/10
Kent universal9.7/10
Kylebooker Fly9.1/10
ONYX movement9/10
O'Neill Men's Superlite9.6/10
Stearns Comfort Series9.3/10
Extrasport striper9.3/10

Safety comes first in everything and it should come first in kayaking too. As far as PFDs go there are a lot of different options to choose from. Each option offers a unique set of features and is designed for specific purposes. We over at Canoe Surfer have spending hours upon hours researching we can assure you that no matter what kayak life vest you choose you’ll love your purchase. 

1) Astral Ringo:Astral life jacket

What we love:

  • Really long-lasting material
  • Dry pockets to keep your electronic devices safe
✅ All products are environmental friendly❌ No mesh back but still delivers quite an acceptable airflow
✅ Made of really durable material
✅ Very comfortable design

2) MTI Adventurewear:Kayak life jacket for women

What we love

  • Tons and tons of features included
  • Cleverly designed for women
  • Comes with a daisy chain for the attachment of any compatible accessories
  • The quick-dry pockets also come in really handy
✅ Specially designed for women❌ The pockets are not water resistant
✅ Really easy to adjust
✅ Really comfortable to wear

3) Stohlquist Fisherman:best kayak life jacket

What we love:

  • The mesh back design makes it a really comfortable kayak life vest for trips on hot days
  • The lightweight design makes it really comfortable
  • The larger armholes are really useful for fishing
✅ EVA pockets❌ You should check the exact fitting before buying one
✅ The shoulder strap can also be adjusted

4) NRS vapor:Best kayak life vest

What we love:

  • Really simple design
  • Foam padded design for enhanced comfortability
✅ Really light weight❌ Has a single zip design
✅ Super comfortable to wear

5) Kent universal:life jacket

What we love:

  • It’s super durable
  • It offers phenomenal protection
✅ Phenomenal performance❌ Does not have a lot of pockets
✅ Solas grade reflective tape

6) Kylebooker Fly:Kylebooker Life vest

What we love:

  • The one-push drop tray comes in really handy
  • It can be adjusted to perfectly fit people taller than six foot
  • It has tons and tons of features
✅ Offers tons of features❌ Needs to be adjusted when its being used of the first time
✅ Great overall design
✅ Can be easily adjusted

7) ONYX movement:Onyx kayak pfd

What we love:

  • Really easy to adjust the life jacket to your requirements
  • Packed to the brim with features
✅ Really breathable design❌ Pockets are not water resistant
✅ Comes equipped with a whistle and a SOLAS grade reflective tape

8) O’Neill Men’s Superlite:O'Neil life vest

What we love:

  • Superior protection
  • Breathable material so that you can keep on exploring the waters even on a hot day
✅ Super sturdy and strong❌ Does not have pockets
✅ Can be easily adjusted
✅ Very comfortable

9) Stearns Comfort Series:Stearns kayak life jacket

What we love:

  • Super durable and strong
  • Great pockets to store all your baits and lures
✅ Great design❌ Does not have a hard back support
✅ Super durable

10) Extrasport striper:extrasport kayak vest

What we love:

  • Really great for the price
  • Packed with features
  • Really wide armholes
✅ Packed with features❌ low adjustment options
✅ Really affordable
Can your boat cleaner ward off germs?

People often ask if you can swim with a lifejacket.

We’ll to answer your question you certainly can. However, it becomes difficult to do so. But you still have the movement of your arms and legs.

The job of a life jacket is to simply keep you floating and aid your survival, here is a video to further answer your questions;


So if you skipped the rest of the article and came here for the complete rundown of the products then here it is. For a really feature-rich life jacket, you should get the Kylebrooker fly or the Stohlquist fisherman. For women, the best possible kayak life vest to get is the MTI adventurewear.

If you want a super comfortable life jacket then be sure you check out the Stearns comfort series or ONYX movement. If durability and reliability are your things, then get the Astral Ringo or the NRS vapor. For the best possible protection, you should get the Kent universal.

O’Neill Superlite is a simple and ultra-durable kayaking life vest. Lastly, if you want a cheap but really comfortable and long-lasting life jacket then get the Extrasport striper. This was the list of best PFDs on the market which is essential you must own.

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