9 Best Kayak Trolling Motors To Get Right Now!

  Why should you get a trolling motor? Well, if you’re a professional angler or just went kayaking for fishing purposes then rowing your kayak can be really tiresome. Considering that good fishing spots can be as much as a mile away it can be a hassle just to row your way there. 

So what do you do, If you just want to fish without having to spend too much energy getting there? Well, you can get yourself the best fishing kayak.

Some people ask if they can fix their own trolling motor by themselves. Well, we’ve answered the question below. 

It’s a great and essential upgrade for your kayak. It can reduce the time and effort of your trip. So you can spend the rest of your time fishing.

Best kayak trolling motors:

Kayak trolling motorRatingPrice
Black haswing10/10
Minn kota riptide9/10
U-Bcoo electric trolling motor9/10
Watersnake kayak trolling motor10/10
Goplus trolling motor10/10
The cloud mountain9/10
Newport vessels9/10
Intex kayak trolling motor9/10
Minn Kota endura10/10

That’s not all a trolling motor is good for. You can use it to lock your kayak’s position, control it wirelessly with a remote, have better control over it and also make it more stable.

It can be a daunting task to choose the right kayak trolling motor for your needs so we at canoe surfer have prepared a list of some of the absolute best kayak trolling motors on the market right now. You can choose any one of these and we can guarantee that you’ll have an excellent time in the water.

1) Black haswing:wireless electric trolling motor

What we love:

  • It has a great remote control with very low latency. You just have to use it within the recommended 164-foot distance.
  • The cruise control function is really helpful, as it will automatically adjust your speed and keep you moving at a constant speed.
  • It’s really silent and keeps the water calm while traveling.
✅ It can be remotely controlled❌ Is a little heavy
✅ Is really quiet and powerful at the same time

2) Minn kota riptide:Minn Kota kayak motor

What we love:

  • Its reliability, since its a Minn Kota motor.
  • Really strong and sturdy casing.
  • It can go really fast.
✅ Really sturdy and durable❌ Has no circuit breaker inside of it
✅ Handle can be tilted for better control

3) U-Bcoo electric trolling motor:u-bcoo trolling motor

what we love:

  • This motor is very versatile, you can choose one for almost any purpose.
  • The intuitive tail fin and propeller design really helps it sail smoother.
✅ Can be used in both salt and fresh water❌ Cannot be used in heavy rain
✅ Comes in a bunch of different option so you can easily choose the specifications you need

4) Watersnake kayak trolling motor:watersnake kayak motor

What we love:

  • Its a really light motor making it really easy to balance the kayak.
  • It’s super easy to setup.
  • Amazing battery life.
✅ Super easy to setup and use❌ No tilt bracket available
✅ Is really easy to balance due to its low weight

5) Goplus trolling motor:Goplus kayak trolling motor

What we love:

  • It is a really durable motor that can easily withstand the high salt conditions
  • its propeller is designed to give a great and a very stable movement
  • The shaft can be easily adjusted
✅ Super sturdy and durable❌ The propeller is made out of a sort of plastic material but is actually really string
✅ Can be easily tilted to remove it from the water when not in use

6) The cloud mountain:Electric trolling motor by Cloud Mountain

what we love:

  • Its a really powerful and rugged motor that can work in almost any condition, it can even withstand light rain.
  • The overall durability of the cloud mountain is phenomenal. This product can literally last a lifetime.
✅ Can be used in salt and freshwater❌ Can't be used in heavy rain
✅ Is really durable
✅ Great control and maneuverability

7) Newport vessels:Newport trolling motor for kayak

What we love:

  • The circuit breaker is a great inclusion, the added protection for the motor really makes your adventure that much stress-free.
  • It has extended cables so that you can easily balance your battery as well.
✅ Extended cables to better adjust your battery❌ Circuit breaker need to be hooked up first
✅ Packed with features

8) Intex kayak trolling motor:Intex kayak trolling motor

What we love:

  • The automatic weed escape feature is a really great idea and is very implemented very well.
  • The circuit breaker is built inside so you won’t need to hook it up manually.
✅ Great for inflatable kayaks❌ Does not come with the motor mount
✅ Really power efficient

Intex is a really big brand when it comes to the manufacturing of inflatable kayaks.

This latest motor form Intex is actually pretty phenomenal. It offers superb performance and some really great features. One of the best features that this kayak trolling motor offers is the automatic escape weed key that will automatically untangle your propeller and hence will remove the hassle of manually removing it or figuring out a way to do so.

9) Minn Kota endura:

Minn Kota trolling motor for kayaksWhat we love:

  • The propeller is top class and really makes a difference while fishing.
  • It lasts really long on a 12V battery.
✅ Its really durable and sturdy❌ Does not come with a circuit breaker
✅ Great speed control
✅ Amazing performance

This is another great kayak trolling motor from Minn Kota, who are perhaps the best manufacturers of trolling motors. Aside from the exceptional build quality and phenomenal saltwater resistant, there are some things that really stand out in this motor.

The first is the quiet and calm design of the propeller. If you’re trying to fish then nothing can be as bad as scaring away the fish you just approached. To solve this the motor is designed to work in a very quiet and effective way, so the fishes don’t even notice your presence. 

There is also another really distinct feature of endura which is also related to the propeller. The design of the propeller is in such a way that it makes the kayak trolling motor really power efficient, this is a really useful feature to have. If you love taking long trips then you will surely appreciate this feature.

The motor itself comes in a variety of different options from 30 to 55 lbs. The telescopic handle and the nifty 8-speed controls come in really handy to steer and control your kayak exactly the way you want. It’s a great kayak trolling motor packed with tons of features and since this is a Minn Kota motor you can really be sure that it will last for a really long time and will be really durable.

Can you fix your trolling motor yourself?

If you’re handy enough, you can definitely fix your trolling motor by yourself. For that, you’ll need a few tools and a whole lot of time! 

Check out this simple video to see how to fix your trolling motor;


So if you skipped the rest of the article and came here for a complete rundown of the article then here it is.

If you want a really reliable kayak trolling motor then you should get any of the Minn Kota endura or riptide, you really can’t get wrong with a Minn Kota. If you want some advanced features like a hand-controlled remote then be sure to check out the Black haswing.

For a simple, affordable, and durable motor then you’re going to need the Watersnake or the Newport trolling motors.

For an inflatable kayak, you will need the Intex or the U-Bcoo, that being said we must make one thing clear that all of these motors can work with inflatable and hard kayaks but these two motors are optimized for inflatable kayaks. Lastly, if you want great saltwater protection then be sure to look at the Go plus.

We hope this guide helps you make better buying decisions and also helps you choose the right kayak trolling motor for you.

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